Complete schedule of 6th annual Barcamp News Innovation 2014


On Sat. April 26, the sixth annual Barcamp News Innovation was the largest yet — more than 250 people attended throughout the day. Of the more than 30 sessions, they included:

  • A track of learning from Google.
  • Another round of pre-planned sessions to help foster ideas.
  • A second year of partnership with Content Camp, an effort that brings content marketers, social  web strategists and other digital publishers to our crowd of reporters, editors and news industry types.
  • We had a jobs board, where content roles could be placed for attendees to seek.
  • No hackathon this year, but some brainstorming for a future one.

Find the schedule on a Google Doc here or below. People wrote smart things about the day here, here and here. Below find the full schedule.

9:00 am: Doors open for coffee and bagels, brought to you by

10:00-10:45 am: Session One

  • Room 2 [45 people]: More Q than A: How and When to Manage Negativity in Social  Marketing
  • Room 3 [75 people]: Reporting in a crowded field: Philadelphia’s built environment  featuring Liz Spikol (Phillymag’s Property) Peter Woodall (Hidden City)  Sandy Smith (Philly Real Estate) Matt Golas (PlanPhilly) and Jon  Geeting (This Old City)
  • Room 4 [50 people]: The new LAMP stack (Literature, Art, Music and Poetry): What the analog  humanities can teach us about digital media led by Greg Linch  (Washington Post)
  • Room 302: Content as a Service:  artificial scarcity in a post-ownership economy: David Dylan Thomas
  • Room 304: The Story Discovery Engine: artificial intelligence for public affairs reporting: Meredith Broussard
  • Room 310 [20 people]: Social Media, Entrepreneurship and Politics: Whitney Hoffman

11:00-11:45 am: Session Two

  • Room 2: Let’s hijack the article machine and turn it into an ATM led by Josh Cornfield (Associated Press).
  • Room 3: Beat reporters and sources: coexisting online together led by Kristen Graham (Philadelphia Inquirer) and Helen Gym (education advocate); Holly Otterbein (WHYY) and Jen Kates (Philadelphia City Council legal)
  • Room 4: Google Track: Search, Trends, Public Data, Authorship in Search led by Nicholas Whitaker (Google)
  • Room 302: Comics are Magic: why and how comics work as content
  • Room 304: How to make your content shareable @MartinWeinberg
  • Room 310:

ProPublica Engagement Editor Amanda Zamora giving the keynote. Photo by Christine Cavalier of

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch Keynote, Amanda Zamora, Pro Publica

1:15-2:00 pm: Session Three

  • Room 2: Innovations in Storytelling: get a fellowship/scholarship: @jdriz
  • Room 3:Sunlight Foundation and Internet Archive: Help us build a groundbreaking video archive pre election 2014
  • Room 4: Google Track: Google+ and Hangouts led by Nicholas Whitaker (Google)
  • Room 302: Tech Journalism Bubble: @editorialiste and @stevenlevy
  • Room 304: Workshop: Content modeling for mobile and responsive: @Sara_ann_marie
  • Room 310: Pick a business discipline and change your culture: William Davis @williampd

2:15-3:00 pm: Session Four

  • Room 2: Freelancers Unite: Tips and tricks on freelance contracts led by @mbloudoff
  • Room 3: WordPress AMA led by Aaron Jorbin, Daniel Bachhuber, Kevin Kohler, Will Davis
  • Room 4: Google Track: Youtube for Publishers led by Jason Hwang
  • Room 302: Content Shock: Cecily Kellogg
  • Room 304:
  • Room 310: Real-life engagement: get off your computer @migold

3:15-4:00 pm: Session Five

  • Room 2: Is it Content or Data: IA crosses the fuzzy line
  • Room 3:Don’t save the News: focus on improving our communities, not protecting an industry led by @christopherwink and @ckrewson
  • Room 4:
  • Room 302:
  • Room 304: Design in Content Strategy: open forum
  • Room 310: Aggregation: Tools, What, When, and Then… - @Chronotope

4:30 pm: After-party Happy Hour at Draught Horse

See the 2013 schedule here, the 2012 schedule here, the 2011 schedule here and 2010 here and 2009 here.

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