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The complete schedule of BCNI 2009

Apr 28, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  3 Comments

Many thanks for Carl Leiby for offering his services as session card wrangler!

Below is the complete� BCNI Schedule. If your name is not next to your presentation, I apologize. Drop a comment below and I will fix it ASAP.

10 AM:

  • Newspaper Brand vs. Journalist Brand: who will have more clout in 2010
  • Beatblogging and Why News Should be Social by Pat Thornton
  • Public Access Partners for Community Jounalism by Jackie Hai, Richard Caesar and Fred Obeng-Ampofo of

11 AM:

  • Washington Post Innovations Team: Making it pay and cool new things by WaPo Web ninjas
  • Information Overload: Strategies for Staying Sane and Making Sense of it All(And helping our audiences do the same)
  • Aggregating Community News & Citizen Journalism


  • How do you reinvent j-school for 2020?
  • Swarming Local News Now and in the Future… by Chris Krewson and Wendy Warren of Inquirer/


  • Going Hyperlocal: How Media Companies Can Spur Community Journalism
  • Collaborating to curate the web by Publish2
  • What would you pay for to get news? (Revenue 2.0) by Chrys Wu @MacDivaONA


  • Swine Flu: Tracking and identifying ways information is being disseminated in non-traditional means by Daniel Bachhuber
  • Got an idea? How to get your editor to approve
  • Separating content from product by Jason Kristufek
  • Community News Startups with Technically Philly by Sean Blanda, Brian Kirk & Chris Wink


  • Making Money in the Web: Will a blog make you $$$ Which model works and which don’t?
  • Reporting On The Backchannel for your beat by @reportingon and @copress
  • Using the Web to Brand a Print-heavy Community by


  • Internet Advertising: What you need to know.
  • The Oncoming Revolution in College Media (it will be tweeted, btw) by CoPress
  • ECOmmunity Philly: connecting green activists to green journalists(Brainstorm) by Jared Silfies

All Media from BCNIPhilly 09

Apr 27, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  8 Comments

More details to come soon. But we just want to thank all of our sponsors, volunteers and all the people that helped make BCNIPhilly possible.

After we let the dust settle for a few days, check back here for a list of reactions from around the Web. If you have any photos, video or text you’d like to share with the world, tag them BCNIPhilly and/or drop a comment below.



Blog Posts:

Live Blogs:


Howard Weaver, Steven King talk about why they came to BCNI 2009

Apr 25, 2009   //   by Christopher Wink   //   2009, blog  //  No Comments

Attendee Jean Marie Evelly, of BCNI sponsor CUNY Graduate School, shot a couple videos

Howard Weaver, former Vice President for the McClatchy Company, talks about the importance of keeping up with the evolving nature of the industry.

Steven King, of the Washington Post Company, talks about innovative media at the BCNI in Philadelphia.

The schedule of BCNI 2009

Apr 20, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  No Comments

BCNI has received several requests asked about the schedule for the day. Below is the plan of action. Remember, there are no planned sessions, attendees are expected to fill the schedule!

9am: Doors open.
10am: first round of sessions
11am: second round of sessions
noon: third round of sessions
1pm: Lunch break
2pm: forth round of sessions
3pm: fifth round of sessions
4pm: sixth round of sessions
5pm: last round of sessions
6pm: close
6:30: After party at National Mecahnics

Hope that helps! All of this will be in the program and in an email that will be sent to attendees before the event.

CUNY is BCNI 2009 newest sponsor!

Apr 20, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  1 Comment


The CUNY graduate school of Journalism has just signed up to be the latest sponsor of BCNI. The grad school at CUNY is a three semester program located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. As one look at their faculty list can tell you, the grad program is considered one of the best in the nation.

Take a peak at the sidebar to see our other sponsors. BCNI is in great hands!

BCNI 2009 needs volunteers!

Apr 17, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  1 Comment


We need people to do two hours shifts in various roles. Benefits include a sweet “volunteer” button, and easy way to network, and wonderful Karma. Nothing too difficult, just help people check in, be around to answer questions, and help set up food. Interested? Sign up!

Thanks to our newest sponsors: Publish2 and the Society of Environmental Journalists

Apr 14, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  No Comments

It is with great excitement that BCNI announces its two newest sponsors: Publish2 and the Society of Environmental Journalists.


The Society of Environmental Journalists is dedicated to improving environmental reporting. From their site:

SEJ programs are designed to build a stronger, better-educated, and more closely connected network of professional journalists and editors who cover the environment and environment-related issues. SEJ’s primary goal is to advance public understanding of critically important environmental issues through more and better environmental journalism.

Publish2 powers link journalism on the Web offering tools to help reporters aggregate content on the Web. Publish2 is used in papers like the Chicago Tribune the Washington City Paper and dozens of others.

If you would like to sponsor BCNI, there is still time!

National Mechanics to host BCNI Philly 2009 afterparty

Apr 9, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  2 Comments

After we’re all done BarCamp’ing and NewsInnovating, National Mechanics has been kind enough to host the BCNI Philly afterparty.

The bar and restaurant, located in Old City blocks from Independence Hall (and Independant’s Hall), is a local favorite among the tech community and anyone else with taste buds. The bar is easily accessible through public transit, and is smack in the middle of Philadelphia’s tourism and nightlife attractions. Oh, and did we mention their wonderful food and a selection of beverages that would make Ben Franklin proud?

Party starts at 7 p.m. (an hour after the last session closes).

If innovating the news industry isn’t enough reason to sponsor BCNI, we’ll be taking all sponsor money left over and contributing it to the bar tab for all to enjoy.

National Mechanics
22 South 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Hope to see you there!

Attendee Interview #4: Colleen Newvine of the AP

Apr 1, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  No Comments

newvine_colleen-mugshot-for-webWho are you and what do you do?

I am a former reporter and editor now working on the business side of the news. I worked in the newsrooms of�a variety of publications, including the Alpena News, the Insider Business Journal and the Ann Arbor News, before getting my MBA at the University of Michigan. I joined the Associated Press in 2006, and I now serve as head of market research. My job is to help the AP stay in touch with what our current and potential customers want and need from us.

Why are you coming to BCNI Philly?

I am grateful to have been peer pressured into learning about social media and now I’m a�Facebook and Twitter addict.�But I know I still have a lot to learn about the available tools and about how to get the most value from them. I’m excited to hear from people who care about the future of news enough to give up a Saturday to talk about its future. Online tools give the media great opportunities to tell stories in different ways, to serve advertisers better than ever, to create a dialogue instead of a one-way stream, and I’m interested to hear the innovative ideas that come up.

If you decide to present, what would it be about?

I won’t presume to�be enough of an expert to present but I would love to be part of a conversation on how we make online news self supporting. I’m also really interested in how news organizations are using social media for marketing, not just as a reporting tool.�I worked as a clown when I was in high school, so I could also teach everyone how to make balloon animals.

Where can we find you online?

AP’s�Web site is �You can find me on Twitter at I only friend people on Facebook that I know in real life, so check me out there after we meet in Philly.

And finally, finish this sentence: What the news industry really needs is ___.

Hope. I heard someone explain once that when you’ve given up hope, there’s no motivation to try to save yourself.�Why would you pick up a bucket and start bailing�water out of�the Titanic when it’s clear it’s going down?�I think sometimes journalists fall prey to fascination with our industry’s challenges and we seem to take perverse satisfaction in writing our own obituary.

How about instead fixating on the incredible opportunity to use new tools to distribute news faster and cheaper, and on the public’s seemingly insatiable demand for news and information? Did you see the ComScore report that�the number of people who access news and information daily on the mobile Web more than doubled over the last year?

I’m not saying we ignore the significant challenges, but the news business has had to evolve to accommodate the arrival of radio, television, cable TV, the Internet and�mobile phones, and I think we need to consider this part of a continuing transformation. Like Winston Churchill said: �The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.�

SPJ regional conference will attend BCNI 2009

Mar 30, 2009   //   by Sean Blanda   //   2009, blog  //  1 Comment

In the length of a few hours the amount of participants in BCNI Philly has doubled.

When BCNI was scheduled, we kept hearing people griping that there was already a journalism conference taking place in Center City, and many were unable to make both. Well, BCNI is pleased to announce that the SPJ regional conference, led by Phil Beck, will be moving their Saturday sessions to Annenberg Hall. BarCamp attendees will be able to attend SPJ sessions and vice versa.

This brings the anticipated attendance in the mid to high 200′s.� Have that presentation ready yet?

Don’t be left out, register today!


The details:

When: Sat. 4/27/13. 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Doors open at 9 a.m.)
Then? After Party at Draught Horse
Where: Temple University, Annenberg Hall, 13th and Diamond streets
Cost: $5, free with valid student ID. REGISTER TODAY

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