The complete schedule of BCNI 2009 3

Many thanks for Carl Leiby for offering his services as session card wrangler!

Below is the complete BCNI Schedule. If your name is not next to your presentation, I apologize. Drop a comment below and I will fix it ASAP.

10 AM:

  • Newspaper Brand vs. Journalist Brand: who will have more clout in 2010
  • Beatblogging and Why News Should be Social by Pat Thornton
  • Public Access Partners for Community Jounalism by Jackie Hai, Richard Caesar and Fred Obeng-Ampofo of

11 AM:

  • Washington Post Innovations Team: Making it pay and cool new things by WaPo Web ninjas
  • Information Overload: Strategies for Staying Sane and Making Sense of it All(And helping our audiences do the same)
  • Aggregating Community News & Citizen Journalism


  • How do you reinvent j-school for 2020?
  • Swarming Local News Now and in the Future… by Chris Krewson and Wendy Warren of Inquirer/


  • Going Hyperlocal: How Media Companies Can Spur Community Journalism
  • Collaborating to curate the web by Publish2
  • What would you pay for to get news? (Revenue 2.0) by Chrys Wu @MacDivaONA


  • Swine Flu: Tracking and identifying ways information is being disseminated in non-traditional means by Daniel Bachhuber
  • Got an idea? How to get your editor to approve
  • Separating content from product by Jason Kristufek
  • Community News Startups with Technically Philly by Sean Blanda, Brian Kirk & Chris Wink


  • Making Money in the Web: Will a blog make you $$$ Which model works and which don’t?
  • Reporting On The Backchannel for your beat by @reportingon and @copress
  • Using the Web to Brand a Print-heavy Community by


  • Internet Advertising: What you need to know.
  • The Oncoming Revolution in College Media (it will be tweeted, btw) by CoPress
  • ECOmmunity Philly: connecting green activists to green journalists(Brainstorm) by Jared Silfies

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