8th annual Barcamp News Innovation is taking place Oct. 15

After seven years bringing BCNI to you in the spring, the 8th annual Barcamp News Innovation is happening in the fall, Oct. 15. There is some construction taking place in our venue, Temple University’s Annenberg Hall in Philadelphia, so we’re taking the opportunity to bring BCNI to the fall. (A chance to get more students […]



Complete wrap of seventh annual Barcamp News Innovation 2015

The seventh annual Barcamp News Innovation featured much conversation on news process and editorial products. Rather than just sharing ideas, there was much tactics sharing too in sessions at the unconference, including a few pre-planned sessions and a keynote from Vox Media’s Lauren Rabaino. More than 150 people came through the event, including representatives from […]

3 pre-planned sessions for Barcamp News Innovation 2015

We adhere to the unconference format at BCNI, but we’ve found success in recent years pre-planning a few sessions to give new attendees a sense of what’s to come. Here is what we have up for this year: “The Future of OpenDataPhilly.org” by Azavea founder Robert Cheetham, City of Philadelphia Chief Data Officer Tim Wisniewski and […]



Our #bcni15 keynote was Lauren Rabaino of Vox Media

Let’s talk process. For the lunchtime keynote of Barcamp News Innovation, we’ll hear from Lauren Rabaino, the director of editorial products at Vox Media, the buzzy publisher of nearly a dozen brands.

Complete schedule of 6th annual Barcamp News Innovation 2014

On Sat. April 26, the sixth annual Barcamp News Innovation was the largest yet — more than 250 people attended throughout the day. Of the more than 30 sessions, they included: A track of learning from Google. Another round of pre-planned sessions to help foster ideas. A second year of partnership with Content Camp, an […]