Complete wrap of seventh annual Barcamp News Innovation 2015


The seventh annual Barcamp News Innovation featured much conversation on news process and editorial products.

Rather than just sharing ideas, there was much tactics sharing too in sessions at the unconference, including a few pre-planned sessions and a keynote from Vox Media’s Lauren Rabaino. More than 150 people came through the event, including representatives from the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC Nightly News, Business Insider, Google, Yahoo, Philadelphia Inquirer, Vox Media and many more.

A whole Slack channel on sharing tips spun out of the day.

You can find the spreadsheet of sessions created on Saturday here or find them below. (Geek out over tweets @BCNIPhilly)

9am doors open, the unconference board opened at 9:30am and sessions began at 10am:

10AM: All sessions ended at :50 to allow attendees to move between rooms

  • Room 03: OPEN
  • Room 04: Branded content, native advertising, content marketing, WTF!!! by Andrew Nusca and David Dylan Thomas
  • Room 302: How our newsroom makes 5 people look like 50 - @billy_penn @sacmcdonald
  • Room 304: What next - Hacks/Hackers Philly - Davis Shaver & Erika Owens


  • Room 03: “The Future of” - Robert Cheetham, Tim Wisniewski and Holly Otterbein
  • Room 04: Building Audience - Rise Above the Noise with Michael Riley & Ian Leibovici
  • Room 302: The best GIS examples for telling news stories with Andy Eschbacher of CartoDB
  • Room 304: Help this Philly Noob build a better with Eric Ulken

12pm: Lunchtime Keynote from Lauren Rabaino, Director of Editorial Products at Vox Media


  • Room 03: Digital only, not digital first with Will Davis & Pattie Reaves, BDN Maine
  • Room 04: Snapchat, Kik and messaging apps for your newsroom - Michael Gold & Masuma Ahuja
  • Room 302: What does an informated public look like? - David Dylan Thomas - Open Discussion
  • Room 304: Let’s rethink our relationship with readers! with Andrew Losowsky, The Coral Project


  • Room 03: Al-Jazeera Canvas: An Open Innovation Community for Media with Andrew Thompson
  • Room 04: Big Media on the Web with Ian Rose + Brad Oyler @NBCNews
  • Room 302: We’re fixing the comments. (No, really!)
  • Room 304: Turning “Old” Media Into “New” Media - Taylor Lorenz & Andrew Nusca


  • Room 03: So you want to be a freelancer (pitching, taxes, rejection & more!) with Andrew Zaleski
  • Room 04: News told through online maps with Stephen of Bloom
  • Room 302: Bringing structure and context to the NEWS by Andrew Nusca
  • Room 304: Periscope for Journalism w/ @jimmacmillan

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