Peep these 5 pre-planned sessions for #BCNI16

Photo by flickr user Coolgates

Photo by flickr user Coolgates

Even though many of our attendees come back each year, we know the “unconference” format always takes some refreshers and explainers for first-timers. So to help you better know what to expect this Saturday, we’ve pre-planned five sessions.

Like other conferences, there will be several rooms with sessions happening at the same time, allowing you to choose your preference. The trick is that beginning at 9:30am, you, the attendees, will choose and lead the topics. It’s aimed at being inclusive and community driven. Consider these pre-planned sessions just as an example for topics.

The doors open at 9am on Saturday (look at the detailed agenda here) — grab coffee, something to eat and catch up with other attendees and join us for the day. The fifth and final set of sessions will close at 4pm and by 4:30pm, we’ll be at happy hour, which will be done at 6:30pm.

Here are our five pre-planned sessions: (please note that other sessions will be chosen day-of)

  • 10am-10:50am: Solutions Journalism in Practice (Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, Vice Contributing Editor and Solutions Journalism coordinator)
  • 10am-10:50am: #ONA16 Playback (Melissa DiPento, Temple University; Anna Orso, Billy Penn; Stephanie Arnold,, Dominique Johnson, freelance)
  • 11am-11:50am: What’s happening to objectivity in 2016? (Daniel Victor and Michael Gold, New York Times)
  • 12pm-1pm: Keynote Roundtable
  • 1:10pm-2pm: New Engagement Strategies: Snapchat Discover (Dave Cole, Wall Street Journal)
  • 2:10pm-3pm: No Pre-Planned Sessions
  • 3:10pm-4pm: Tips for Getting Open Records (Austin Nolen, Philly Declaration)
  • 4pm-4:15pm: Closing Remarks
  • 4:30pm: Happy Hour!

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