• SPJ regional conference will attend BCNI

    In the length of a few hours the amount of participants in BCNI Philly has doubled.

    When BCNI was scheduled, we kept hearing people griping that there was already a journalism conference taking place in Center City, and many were unable to make both. Well, BCNI is pleased to announce that the SPJ regional conference, led by Phil Beck, will be moving their Saturday sessions to Annenberg Hall. BarCamp attendees will be able to attend SPJ sessions and vice versa.

    This brings the anticipated attendance in the mid to high 200’s.  Have that presentation ready yet?

    Don’t be left out, register today!

  • BCNI less than a month away

    Just a friendly reminder that the Journalism Woodstock that is BarCamp NewsInnovation is less than a month away. Know what you are presenting about?

    See you all on the 25th!

  • Sponsor BCNI!

    BCNI Philly is, and will always remain, a free event. However, the success of the event depends on dozens of volunteers, the media community and the generosity of our sponsors.

    On that note, we are proud to announce that Reportingon.com is the third sponsor of BCNI Philly. ReportingOn.com is the baby of Ryan Sholin and one of the winners of the Knight News Challenge. ReportingOn serves as a back channel for journalists to share what they are reporting on so they can collaborate, discover and communicate with one another.

    We thank Ryan and ReportingOn for their support, but BCNI is in need of a few more sponsors. Head on over to our sponsorship page for documents and contact information. In a nutshell we need some help supplying breakfast, various office supplies, gear for volunteers and guests and help with an after party.

    Email [email protected] if you or your company is interested in helping make BCNI Philly rock.